Recruiting website designers, general support, accounting and more

Just Simple Hosting is recruiting staff across the board in a search for the best website designers, server engineers, general support assistants, accountancy and more.


Sales Advisor :

You will need excellent customer service skills with a high priority to detail and basic knowledge in sales emails and data entry.

(Training course offered on our admin, billing area & products.)

Technical Advisory Skills :

Basic knowledge in website hosting billing, CPanel/WHM, virtual servers and the software used like Proxmox & Virtualizor, Websites, web servers, domain names & services is recommended for our technical advisors.

Website Designers : 

Basic knowledge in HTML and PHP code. WordPress knowledge and template design. Also a basic knowledge on advising customers and quoting accordingly.


Get in contact via my email address just put the subject as Recruitment - (Job Type). (Example: Recruitment - Technical Advisor) and tell us a bit about yourself and your skillset.

We look forward to your application.

Date Posted : July 31st 2019

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